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Laravel is an open source PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Laravel stands among the most popular PHP frameworks like Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii2.

Our Laravel web development services combine years of skills and experience. Our Laravel team can create any feature rich application using Laravel model-view-controller architecture

Laravel development company

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1Solutions offers custom Laravel web development services. We are a professional Laravel development company based in New Delhi, India skilled in Laravel development services. Our Laravel developers are expert at using Laravel framework to your meet your project requirements.

Laravel offers scalable agile software application interface for developing high functionality websites and applications. It’s very secure and comes with built-in tools for security.

Whether you are looking for a full time dedicated Laravel developer or want a fixed quote for your Laravel Framework project, we have the development skills and years of experience to meet your requirements fully.

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We proudly stand among one of the top Laravel development services companies in India. Laravel comes with built-in authentication and authorization to provide security to your high-end web or app development.

Laravel offers a really powerful PHP Framework for small & large scale solutions with built-in features & ready to use components.

1Solutions provides custom-tailored Laravel solutions at an affordable cost without compromising quality and delivery. The bespoke Laravel development services we offer are unparalleled and unmatched.

Whether you an entrepreneur, a small business entity, or an established brand, we welcome you to collaborate with us for your next Laravel development project and see yourself the difference we can bring to your online presence.

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Laravel Website Development FAQ’s

The latest version of the Laravel is 6.0 LTS version released on date 11th September 2019. It will have big fixes till Sept 2021 and security fixes till Sept 2022. From this time only it will follow the semantic versioning in Laravel from 6.0 to onwards. The major changes in this version are the improvement of the Auth Functionality, Job Middleware, Lazy Collection, Subquery and many more things.

Creating a website should not be an end all and be all, rather it should be developed in such a way that it easily adjusts to the geographical location wherein it is being accessed. Time zone needs to be formatted as and when the need arises. So how do you change the date format? The date format can be changed by either using carbon or the PHP strtotime or using the Laravel model. To make this clearer, have a look at the tutorial for better understanding on the process to smoothly change the date format in Laravel.

An SEO-friendly website is taking the entire internet by storm. Hence, whenever you are creating a website, SEO-friendly becomes a mandatory element. The eloquent sluggable package significantly helps in creating URL that are SEO friendly. To make this possible you need to get the Laravel application which would be followed by creating an item table and model. The below mentioned URL will provide a detailed insight on how to create an SEO-friendly sluggable URL.

When it comes to creating a custom validation rule there are several approaches to it. One among them is almost equal to requests classes for validation. To make it more elaborate here is a link to creating custom validation rule with laravel. Click on the link to explore more.

There may arise a situation wherein you would be requiring to upload a lot many files. The jQuery plugin can be put to use for bringing in results that would be par excellent. To put this in progress you need to begin with downloading a new copy of Laravel project. Click on the link for better understanding on how to upload multiple file.

Converting WordPress theme to Laravel blade demands the need of HTML/CSS/Javascript files and many such assets. To begin with, you need to come up with public demo and analyze the source. The next step to this would be to install fresh Laravel and routes. It is needless to say, Laravel Blade comes with a bunch of quality template structure functionality which could be generously used to convert WordPress theme to Laravel Blade. Here is a link that will enlighten you on the conversion process.

Till 2017, there was no exclusive package in Laravel for the dashboard. “Necessity is the mother of invention” as per this proverb, Laravel community takes this challenges, till mid of 2017, they introduced new packages called Laravel Horizon which is improved dashboard, having advanced features like Queue, Jobs, Metrics, Notifications, Auto balancing jobs, and other things.

GraphQL is the perfect answer to this requirement. It’s the query language and also supporting great GUI for the query creation. It can be easily installable using Laravel command line.

No website functionality is 100% completed without a great buying and selling experience, so obvious question strike in your mind: in Laravel website application, if anyone wants to integrate the eCommerce feature, do we need to the coding from scratch? The answer is ‘No’, Laravel supports the platform called ‘Bagisto E-commerce’, which is exclusively built for the Ecommerce solution. It has a very nice GUI, apart from this, it supports exclusive functionality like RTL, channels, locals, currencies, custom product attributes, multi-store, API support, and many more things. You can play with its demo to get more insight.

The redemption of the voucher is required to enhance the shopping experience. In the above faq, we have checked in detail about the eCommerce solution offered by Laravel, so along with Laravel also offers an important package for the redemption of the voucher called ‘Laravel Voucher’.



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