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Our pay per click services offer you the benefits of delivering guaranteed, qualified traffic to your site within your budget and give you a professionally managed and fully flexible advertising campaign.

PPC advertising over time has become extremely popular and has helped businesses grow. Implementing PPC the right way can play an important role in boosting your business and bringing the traffic.

Our PPC services can help to generate better results with effective PPC campaigns.

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Grow your business with our expert PPC services!

PPC or paid search marketing is considered a complex but quickest and most controllable way to get any amount of traffic and top ranking in search results. It can be as cheaper than most of the other advertising options as you only pay per click, therefore it is easy to control the budget for your campaign.

Over time 1Solutions has developed our own unique methodology for managing campaigns from the small as well as for the large established companies too. Our services offer you the benefits of delivering guaranteed, qualified traffic to your site within your budget and give you a professionally managed and fully flexible advertising campaign.

Whether you are looking for PPC marketing services or just want to learn about it, we’re here for
you. If you don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with us today for your customized PPC campaign requirement.

Why Choose Our PPC Services?

Get more traffic, more leads and more sales with our PPC campaign management services.

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1Solutions has been offering the best PPC services to our clients for nearly a decade now. Via the paid advertisement scheme, we will help you reach out to a valuable stream of audience.

We have different plans for PPC services. You can choose from them to find out the best. We can help you build an effective PPC campaign that will drive revenue and bring about conversions on your websites.

If you are new and inexperienced in the PPC, you can waste your time and money. That is why expert hands should handle your PPC program.

We do 100% of the PPC work for your account every day, making sure it’s running and working to its fullest potential. Our ultimate aim is to make your overall needs by developing optimal balance between price & performance. Each month you’ll get a detailed report of your customize data showing what you want to see on your accounts.

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Our PPC Management Service Packages

We offer customized PPC service packages for business of different scale and size.

Bronze PPC Package

18% of ad spend/month
Required Monthly Ad Spend- $2500-$5000
Setup Fee- $450

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Silver PPC Package

15% of ad spend/month
Required Monthly Ad Spend- $5000-$10000
Setup Fee- $400

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Gold PPC Package

12% of ad spend/month
Required Monthly Ad Spend- $10000-$20000
Setup Fee- $350

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Platinum PPC Package

10% of ad spend/month
Required Monthly Ad Spend- $20000+
Setup Fee- $300

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What is PPC Marketing?

PPC refers to pay-per-click, an internet marketing model where the person is paid only based on several times the ad is clicked. This is one of the best ways to purchase visits for your visits.

Search engine advertising is a popular method of PPC adopted by many companies. The sponsored links are replaced with the ad of a particular brand or company. Once the customer searches for a particular keyword, the client will reach out to their business offering.

PPC advertising can be beneficial for beginners who just want to get desirable results and keep track of it. If implemented the right way, this form of advertising can positively impact, thereby improving brand visibility.

PPC has, with time, become one of the most popular advertising forms. Some of the prominent benefits of using PPC include the following-

  • It can match up to your business goals
    PPC advertising can help businesses meet their goals and a large number of brands. It can include brand exposure and improved ranking on the commercial scale. It is often regarded as a great method for bringing in website traffic. PPC can contribute to the marketing funnel, thereby bringing more sales. No matter what your goal is, the PPC campaign can help to meet it all.
  • Quick entry
    Not everyone is quick on the internet, so you may be lacking behind. But, even if you’re way behind your competitor, don’t worry because the rightly implemented PPC strategy will help you get either on par with them or ahead of them. Sometimes, SEO companies can take up a lot of time to make your website reach its end goal, but PPC can do it in no time for you.
  • Works well with marketing channel
    Content marketing has become an important part of the digital marketing sector. Google Ads seems to generate a high return on investment. PPC and SEO can work in collaboration with each other thereby bringing in a positive impact from the audience. This can have a great impact on the audience in terms of clicks and impressions.
  • A wealth of marketing data
    The information or data gained from PPC performance can help to drive significant results. These data can further help to customize the SEO strategy and eventually bring a positive impact. The valuable data further provides an insight into determining how ahead you stand from your competitors.

PPC Management Services FAQ’s

PPC is one of the digital marketing techniques where you pay for displaying your ads on search results and other places. As the name suggests, it is based on per click cost model.
Google AdWords which is now known as Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads are the two search engines that allow running PPC campaigns.

There is no cost constraint and you can start your PPC campaign with as low as $10 per day. Since PPC is purely dependent on the per-click cost, you have the freedom to choose your own budget. The more leads you need, the more amount you need to shell out.
The quality score is a critical factor in PPC campaign. The relativeness of an ad determines the quality score, which in turn decides the per-click cost.
Google ads show in search results pages on top and bottom as well as in the partner sites. In Bing, ads are shown in the search results.
Yes, PPC can bring you instant visibility on top of search results. This means more qualified leads and revenues online.

We need a formal confirmation mail for starting the local SEO campaign and access to your Google GMB and other local listings if available otherwise we will create them on your behalf.

Yes, we will create and publish specifically content targeting local audience that will bring more visibility to your business.

Our payment terms are 100% advance on a monthly basis. We provide exciting discount for yearly packages. You can connect with us directly if you need yearly packages.

Yes, we are absolutely fine with NDA to ensure your business information is safe and secure with us.

We accept payments via PayPal, credit card, debit card, wire transfer, and cheque.

We use Zoho projects for managing the project and are also readily available on email, Skype, TeamViewer, or call.

What to look before hiring a PPC agency?

If you’re a beginner, you may want to have a brief idea before joining with any PPC company. Undoubtedly, the right PPC company can bring about several benefits. Before hiring a PPC agency, make sure to consider the following things.

  • Certification
    Before you hire a PPC specialist, make sure to ask for their certification. Do they have an AdWords certification? Have they cleared the exam? The AdWords exams are conducted in two parts, basic and advanced. Every specialist will have this certification.
  • Transparency
    Never proceed with a PPC agency that cannot offer you transparency in their plans and doesn’t
    provide you the admin credentials. You should check if the company has a proper payment structure without any hidden charges. If you sign a contract with them, make sure to ask who will own the account and whether or not the credentials will be provided to you too.
  • Results
    Every digital marketing company works differently as far as the PPC campaign is concerned. You should always consult the agency about their plans and how effective results they can produce. A well-defined, clear strategy can only help to impact your business, thereby boosting its growth positively.
  • Communication
    As they say, communication is the key. Would you want to proceed with someone who doesn’t provide you an update on your project? No. A trustworthy PPC company will keep you updated with their reports and support. They will work in complete collaboration with you to provide you exceptional results.

Hire Dedicated PPC Expert

Hire a dedicated PPC expert at an affordable rate for your marketing campaign to drive the best results. Starts at $1800 monthly.