Pay Per Click Services

PPC, or paid search marketing is considered a complex but quickest and most controllable way to get any amount of traffic and top ranking in search results. It can be as cheaper than most of other advertising options as you only pay per click, therefore it is easy to control the budget for your campaign.

PPC program is as important as SEO, where SEO improves site’s ranking in Organic Results, PPC program can be a great way to draw qualified visitors to your website just managing a little budget. You just have to pay a small fee for each click on your paid ad to the search engine.

SEO takes a lot of time and efforts to appear in top ranking but whereas paid search campaign gives fast results and easy to set up with the right marketing strategies. Most search engines manage bidding system where some keywords can cost from pennies to dollars according their competitiveness. If you are new and inexperienced to the PPC, you can waste your time and money. That is why expert hands should handle PPC Program.

Over the time 1Solutions has developed our own unique methodology for managing campaigns from the small as well as for the large established companies too. Our services offer you the benefits of delivering guaranteed, qualified traffic to your site within your budget and give you a professionally managed and fully flexible advertising campaign.

1Solutions is doing social media for my facebook page for quite some time and I am extremely satisfied with their work. The communication is timely and I get regular engagement on my fb business page.

Pat Hoagland

Excellent work so far. My social media page engagements have definitely gone up since I hired 1Solutions for social media management. The creatives and work strategy is definitely helping my business get noticed.

Matthew Lee

Our Pay Per Click Services

Define campaign strategies

Want to start your own wordpress blog or website. Our expert team of wordpress developers can quickly do the wordpress installation and configuration of your website on your live server.

Budget Determination

Our wordpress websites are fully responsive as we all love device friendly websites. If your wordpress website is not responsive, we can make it fully responsive in no time.

Advanced keyword research and selection

Have a custom PSD design and want to convert it into wordpress. Our PSD to wordpress conversion services ensure that your design is integrated with wordpress content management system without losing even a single design pixel.

Compelling and effective content creation

WordPress comes packed full of features for every user, with thousands of plugins for every feature in a separate plug-ins directory. We can customize wordpress plugin as per your requirements to your Website. We will also assist you to put your plugin on web to help you earn revenues.

PPC bid management and ROI tracking

If you are interested in a custom design wordpress website, we can be of great help. Our wordpress development team has the right skills, expertise and experience to design and develop any kind of custom wordpress based site for you.

Advertisement Submission

Our wordpress development team is also proficient in theme development. There’s a theme directory with thousands of themes available from where you can choose your theme to create a beautiful website by uploading your theme with the click of a button in just few seconds.

Creative testing and optimization

Owing to its popularity, wordpress is often vulnerable to attacks. So it you are running a wordpress website, you need to ensure that website is in good health and virus free. We ensure that your website is free from any malicious attacks and hack proof. We can make your website more secure and less prone to hackers.

Campaign Assessment and Recommendations

We offer wordpress maintenance and support services on an hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. If you have any requirement for maintaining your wordpress website please feel free to contact us.

Why Choose Our Pay Per Click Services?

Monthly Reporting

Each month you’ll get a detailed report of your customize data  showing what you want to see on your accounts.

Stress-free PPC Services

We do 100% of the PPC work for your account every day, making sure it’s running and working to its fullest potential.

Excellent Support Service

Our ultimate aim is to make your overall needs by developing optimal balance between price & performance.

Need help with pay per click service? Speak to our team today about how we can assist.

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