1Solutions offers bespoke social media services where we design a custom tailored campaign based upon your industry vertical, target customers and most importantly your goals.

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We help brands to listen, understand and engage in effective social media conversations.

1Solutions social media services help you join the conversation, stay connected and build new connections.

1Solutions offers bespoke social media services where we design a custom-tailored campaign based upon your industry vertical, target customers and most importantly your goals.

With a dynamically evolving social media, it is really tricky to effectively manage your brand’s presence in social media platforms. Here is when 1Solutions comes into the picture. Our social media services are an extension of your brand to represent your business.

Any social media marketing campaign cannot work on ‘one size fits all’ strategy. So we design a unique and custom-tailored strategy for every single social campaign. Whether you want to focus Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, or any other social media platform, we will create and implement an innovative and effective social media strategy.

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We offer social media management services for brands.

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With over 10+ years of experience in web and digital marketing, we can guide you with the best possible solution considering your business goals and objectives.

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Our Social Media Management Services

We offer different social media management services

Why Social Media Management Is Important?

Understand how social media is an integral part of your online branding.

Create Brand Awareness

Our social media optimization services helps in establishing your brand in the social media channels and awareness among the potential customers.

Amplify Your Content

Our social media optimization services helps you in amplifying your content in the social media channels giving you maximum reach among the masses.

Social Media Tracking

Our social media services track your brand as well as keywords and take proper actions on positive or negative comments on social media communities.

Get ahead of competitors

The brands that are more active on social media platforms have usually bigger followers. This ultimately adds value to them in terms of better engagement and brand recall.

Reputation Building

Often people post their grievences on social media page of the brands. Thus it important for brands to effective manage its social media presence.

Reaching New Consumers

Social media empowers the brands to reach a bigger set of potential consumers at a miniscule budget as compared to traditional marketing channels.

Social Media Services Case Studies

We have helped many enterprises, agencies and small to medium-sized businesses manage and improve online presence. We invite you to explore our customers’ success stories.

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Need help with your social media management? Speak to our team today about how we can assist in managing your social media presence.

1Solutions is ranked among one of the best social media marketing companies in Delhi, India. We provide social media solutions to fit your requirement without leaving a hole in your pocket.

We work with startups, small businesses, enterprises to put them in charge of their social media presence in an effective and far-reaching manner in terms of visibility, social engagement, and brand recognition.

If you want to augment your social media presence, 1Solutions can help you. Our social media marketing team is a perfect amalgam of experience and creativity.

Our social media marketing services are a lot more than just posting. We do eye-catching creatives, enticing content, and strategize deeply to revolutionize your social media presence.

We are trusted by different industry leaders and brands for handling their social media profiles that is the true reflection of our quality social media management services.

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Social Media Services FAQ’s

We help the clients with managing their presence on popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.
Our social media strategy is custom-tailored as per your brand requirement. We define a unique social media plan as per the brand’s requirement.
Our content strategy is formulated as per your target audience and business requirement. We try to post content that is relative to your business, entertaining as well as educating and inspires your audience.

Posting frequency varies from business to business. For an e-commerce company, the content posting strategy will differ entirely from a financial services company.

You can post anything of your choice on your pages. It will not affect your campaign anyhow. Whatever relevant posts you do will add value to the overall social media campaign.
We use CorelDRAW, Canva and creative cloud for designing, Animoto for animated posts and Hootsuite for managing and scheduling the posts.

We are a 10-year-old firm in this business and ensure strict checks on the quality of the content being produced as per as published. Our experienced team ensures there is no mistakes in content creation and posting.

Our services range between $450 to $2500 per month. We do not follow a cookie-cutter approach. We understand that no two businesses are the same and therefore create a unique social media plan as per your requirement.ique strategy for your success.
You can read and understand our refund policy in detail here.

Absolutely Yes! We work with top global clients and have a strict privacy policy for our clients. Your data is fully secure and safe with us.

No, there are no hidden charges at all. Billing is fixed and is done on a monthly basis in advance.

We accept all the global payment methods including PayPal, Credit cards, Bank transfer. We also accept over 100+ multicurrency payments.

How Social Media Optimization Can Help Your Brand?

Nowadays competition for online space is continuously growing and the role of social media in it is crucially important. Gone are the days when social media used as a platform to catch up with your oldies and goldies. Now, it is streaming as a treasure house of opportunities for companies to increase their value in market and engagement with their potential customers.

However, having a social media profile is not sufficient to overcome your online competition. You need an acquaintance of professional social media companies to manage and beat your competition across social platforms. Social media company plays an incredibly important role in an enterprise to outreach their potential customers easily.

Build Up Strong Marketing Strategies:

Social media and marketing together form a symbiotic relationship. Social media presents the biggest platform for the marketing of brands in front of local customers. Working with social media company helps you to draft strong marketing strategies. It identifies the baseline from different competitors and matches up with yours to track where you are lagging behind.

Drive New Engagements With Social Ads:

Every now and then, Social platforms undergo dynamic changes and this exerts the pressure on business owners to match the pace of amendments. Social Ads are one of the most cost-effective and simplest ways to drive new engagements for your websites. The social media company is well-versed in creating appropriate social ads for the company. It targets your right customers keeping demographics, users’ interest, and your zone of competition in mind.

24/7 Problem Resolvement:

Everything on social media is so fast that it gives access to react to customers’ feedback instantly. With the help of a social media company, you can provide 24/7 problem resolution for customers’ queries and issues. You need to be well-prepared for both positive and negative responses and know how to tackle them light-hearted. Furthermore, to flourish your brand name forever in the market, such companies keep an eye on your competitors’ social feedbacks too.

Increase Branding and Sales:

Nowadays branding is the best way to succeed. To really win online, you should understand the branding strategies of your potential customers. You need to research what are the demands of your customers and how your competitors work on that. For this, a professional social media company is the best fit. It understands the power and voice of social media in marketing to drive sales.

Create a Strong Online Presence:

Social media is for everyone. If your competitors are ruling there, then with promoting hashtags and captivating content, you also need to mark your presence there. A social media company helps you to work on your brand’s image. You need to address your audience with some solid reasons that make you stand out from the crowd. You need a genuine story for your readers that outshines your bright side to them and for this, hiring a social media company is the best choice.

No one better knows the right use of the social platform for marketing than an experienced social media company like us to do it for you.


Hire a full time dedicated Social media resource for your project at an affordable rate. Save time and cost. Starts at $1800 monthly. Per hour/Weekly/Monthly options available.