Google has come up with new AdWords features at SMX which are designed around two things, increasing sales and measuring results. Here are the details of all the features.

Affiliate Location Extensions

Google is expanding affiliate location extensions to video campaigns on YouTube which was earlier available only for Search and Display campaigns. According to Google, this will manufacturers drive traffic to nearby retail stores. Google also states that adding affiliate location extensions to TrueView in-stream and bumper ads can increase traffic by over 15 percent.

Local Catalogue Ads available to all advertisers

Local catalog ads are ads that help shoppers discover what is sold in a physical  store. Google will roll out new local catalog ads to all advertisers by the end of this month.

Prices of products of other retailers

Google is soon planning to come up with a feature which will help retailers find out how their competitors are pricing their products. This will help them bidding their price while selling their products. It will also save them from performance drops.

The new AdWords features will be available soon.