Google’s Search Status dashboard, which came out in December, now has a new “ranking” section.

This update has kept the SEO community buzzing. Digital marketing companies say this update is very insightful and good.

The new ranking section will show both current and past changes to Google’s ranking algorithm, so you can see what else changed with Google Search besides crawling, indexing, and serving.

New control board. Here’s what the new Google Search Status dashboard looks like with the “Ranking” section:

Search Status dashboard ranking update

With an ‘i’ icon, you can see that the rankings have changed:

Google Search Status Dashboard

When you click on the ‘i’ the detail appears:

Here’s how it looked before when crawling, indexing, and serving were the only things going on:

Changes to algorithms. Google will soon add a new ranking section, which, as the company said on Twitter, “will show the active March 2023 core update, plus history up to 2020.” The March 2023 core update is not yet listed, so this is not done, but it will be soon.

Google Search Central, a site that gives people news and tools from Google Search to help them make great websites, said on Twitter that they are working on integrating the ranking updates page with and that the “ranking” section will soon show the recent March 2023 core update, as well as the history of Google Algorithm, updates up to 2020.

Here is the tweet so you can remember it: