In 2022, 20% more fake reviews were blocked by Google Maps.

Google put out statistics about how it stops spam and fraud on Google Maps and local searches. In short, Google blocked 21% more reviews, 5% more photos, 40% more videos, and 5% more fake business profiles in 2022 than in 2021.

In 2022, Google blocked or got rid of 115 million reviews, 200 million user-submitted photos, 7 million user-submitted videos, and 20 million Google Business Profiles.

We should point out that not all of the data lines up perfectly.

For example, Google initially only counted removed Google My Business Profiles and not blocked Business Profiles, so keep that in mind.

Here are the facts for every year:

Here it is in a chart:

Google also said it added machine learning technology to find and stop the creation of more fake Business Profiles and the uploading of photos with fake phone numbers by users.