Google Tag Manager consolidates the website’s tags like Facebook, Twitter, etc, and let you manage everything easily. Here you can add and update your own data with a few clicks away, not having to write a JavaScript. It was built mainly for the marketing team so they could update anything in the site with ease, without depending on IT and focus on more projects that are coming their way.

Why Google Tag Manager:

  • As a Marketer – Google Tag Manager gives you a whole new level of tracking ability. Once you know how exactly GTM works it makes it easy to place and also track scripts on your website. Also one can customize the data completely which gets reported to Google Analytics, so you will be able get a better insight.
  • GTM makes it easier to tag specific action on your pages For Eg: You have quite a few different webpages and if you forget to put a tag on all those pages will ruin your work. As long as you use the tag manager on every page, it’s recovered.
  • Saves Time, less complexity, cost barriers and better quality – If you have your own website and taking the help of an outside consultant for the maintenance of the site or you are working with a company and you constantly need to go to the IT department to add tags, would be time consuming but with task manager on every page you can add or remove tags without any help. Like any tool there would be a learning curve, but ultimately GTM will save you a lot of time and provides you with better quality in your work, as no one else can understand better what you require for your website.

Some Important facts About Google Tag Manager:

  • GTM enables rapid deployment of tracking for your websites and digital assets most of the time by a non-technical person.
  • GTM has a web interface that will allow to inject a new tracking code into your website, or any other digital asset that is when you make a change in GTM it can be moved to live onto a website or into a mobile app instantly]
  • GTM is not just a “Tag Bucket” it is the deployment vehicle and integrator for Google Analytics, , mediaPlex, Google AdWords etc.
  • GTM still needs an advanced tracking for all the codes on the site for sequencing issues or discrepancies
  • GTM is designed around: 1.Tags – a single tag for a digital measurement technology that I deployed 2. Rules: directs when the tag is ready 3. Macros – permits for more complicated logic to easily be referenced by GTM tags and rules