AdWords is an advertising service provided by Google if you want to display ads on Google which will enable the business to set a particular budget for advertising and pay only when people click on the add. Many people just assume that it’s just about buying some AdWords from a search engine, it’s the most useful tool for SEO experts and publishers, and a simple AdWords campaign can give you understanding and help you save money and a lot of time. So let’s see how we can use AdWords for SEO.

Keyword research

Keyword research: It is the most important use of AdWords for SEO. Even if you are an expert in your niche you should always research on keywords because users always search an article or a blog through keywords. After you have picked your keyword, you need to check if they really work for you no matter how precise you were been in picking the keywords.


Example: If someone had managed to top Google for search engine optimization in a year or so after a lot of SEO effort that didn’t bring the desired result it is because the bounce rate for the keyword used is high. The result is not surprising at all because if someone had purchased AdWords campaign it would have taken maybe a week or so to realize the bounce rate for the keyword was high and there is no use to do SEO.

Better Click through Rate

Better Click through Rate [CTR]: AdWords is a tool for getting higher rating with your existing rating. Even if the rating is good for the given keyword with a lot of traffic, yet not able to monetize the traffic, it is because your CTR rank is low and the possible reason could be inadequate title or description. AdWords can get you better CTR ratings by running an AdWords campaign and once you’re satisfied with the performance, you can keep changing the description along with the title until you think you have reached the desired CTR for you keywords.

Geographic Targeting

Geographic Targeting: Geographic targeting with the help of AdWords. One can bid for traffic from any part of the world using Google analytics to compare the different location performance and accordingly invest in them. The benefit of AdWords and a good SEO tool together is it will increase your overall search traffic and provide better opportunity from getting the highest level of presence and visibility while searching for results, mainly for the keywords that are important for the business. So can be concluded as AdWords centric campaign can benefit from an interrelated SEO presence and vice versa a SEO centric campaign will benefit from an AdWords presence.

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