Google panda a change to the Google search result ranking algorithm that was implemented in the year 2011 has been a hot topic from the day of its implementation. This change was implemented so as to enhance the rate of the high-quality sites and lower the rate of the low-quality sites.

The fact that the Google Panda is officially a part of Google now was introduced by Matt Cutts, the head of Google. This discovery and implementation are not that good for the webmasters in present and in future. The diagnosis of the problems of the traffic of the site will not be easy now. This article will be your guide and help you find out if panda has hit your site and how to fix the traffic of your site and search engine ranking.

The penalization of your site by the Google panda can be because of many reasons but the two major reasons for the penalization are:

The content of your website is of low quality and poor. This may include the presence of not up to the mark content on your website. Sometimes many sites are seen copying content from other sites and the procedure is of no use for the search engines. The second reason for the penalization of your site is that the SEO for your site is not up to the mark. This way the webmasters have no clue that the content that is being created for their site is actually shallow.

The major priority for you is to check if your site has been hit by the Google panda or not. There are certain steps to check if your site has been penalized by Google panda or not:

The first step is to download and use the SEMRUSH. The position changes is a new tool that has been added by the SEM tool. This tool keeps you updated about the ranking. It tells you whether you have lost or gained the ranking on the site. Your site has been hit by the Google panda if you have lost the ranking.

After the damage is done, precautions are taken to control it. You can save your website and bring it back to the higher ranking by following these easy steps. The early you realize the better it is going to be for your site. The damage control is easy at the initial level but with time you can end up losing the importance your site once had.

Improve the content:
This damage control starts with improving the level of your content. Try not to have plagiarized or copied content on your site. Try not to overuse H2 and H3 tags in a post. Always use proper titles and subtitles. This enhances the quality of your web page. Try not to go for the quantity of the content but for the quality.

Work on the SEO:
The content fixation is not an easy task. The fastest way to enhance the quality is by upgrading the SEO of your site. Check all the pages that the Google has penalized on your site. Try to get rid of the unwanted links and content from your web page.

Find all the sites with duplicate titles:
Once you are done with the SEO issues, go for the same titles and descriptions that are available on the other sites. The Google webmaster tool can be of great help to you. You can also make use of the Ahrefs tool for to fix this problem.

Your website can be saved from being penalized by the Google panda by just working on the content and the architecture of your website.