How to monetize your website effectively
Generating income from the website is in vogue these days but due to lack of proper information and ways, people miss the chance to make the most from their website. Here are 7 effective ways which can help you to turn your website into an ATM machine.

Google all the way!
AdSense works in very amazing way. It places the relevant ads for your website, eliminating the unnecessary ads. When someone clicks these ads you will get a certain revenue from each click. Suppose your website is about food then the ads related to food like food joints will be displayed. It is a simple way to monetize your website.

Associated marketing
It is a method of monetizing your website through recommending any product either by placing a banner, link or posting any content about that on the website. Though the method takes time to be actually fruitful but once it worked it can generate a lot of revenue.

Ad space
One way to generate revenue from the website is to sell ad space on your website. The company will buy your space and pay you depending on the visitors it gets. It is one of the traditional way to generate income on your website.

Create leads on your website
It’s like forming a network chain on your website. Create leads like providing useful information such as e-mail address or phone number of your reader which can be used by the companies who can potentially provide the services or products your reader needs.

Sponsored posts
Through sponsored posts and articles, you can feature some companies or businesses on your website, a sort of promotion to earn revenue. Nowadays, companies approach websites to publish articles about them. It also opens an opportunity to be a regular publisher of the company. It can be very effective way to monetize your website.

Premium content
Creating a paid access to your content can be done to generate revenue. You can provide some samples to read and for the rest of the content they have to pay. This will help you to create traffic on your website. It is important to note that you should not gate all the content on your website because it can backfire and push away your audience. Some quality content can be selected as a premium content but it should in limit.

Correlated posts
Outbrain can help you to earn revenue by adding snippet of code to your website and they have high clicks through rates. The additional suggested posts will let your reader to go through more content. The outbrain widget in the end of the post will let readers click on it which will improve the traffic on your website. As the visitors on your website will be able to see the post’s title and image which can create an interest in them to read more.

So, what are you waiting for? Implement these effective ways and make your website more effective and monetized.

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