How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post for More Organic Traffic?


If you are willing to attract the real traffic you must put some efforts in your writing. Your posts should be a fabulous blend of standard writing and SEO optimization so that keywords can be used effectively.

Jot down your thoughts before writing


Think before you write, clear your thoughts and perception about your content such as what message you want to deliver, what you want from your readers. Make a strong and clear point so that your reader can understand it.

Structure your blog


Randomly written post creates clutters in the mind of the readers so it’s good to create a structure of your blog starting from introduction to the conclusion. It should be step-wise-step so that it doesn’t look messy of mixed-up.

Work on your title


Titles are important as they structure the whole post and boost up SEOs too. It eases the work of search engines to capture the main element of a content and determine their ranking. Subheadings are crucial too as they lead your visitors to have a quick check of your article and understand it well. The title of your post can be a game changer so try to keep it short and crisp.

Determine the length of your article


Setting up word limit can be a challenging thing to do. Search engine like Google prefer long articles but it should be in between 300-700 words as long articles scare readers away. Try to put search terms about 1 to 2 percent of your text. Divide them in a paragraph to make them look attractive and small. Choose the right and easily readable font to make it easier to read.

Add links of previous contents


Link your current post with your previous posts to so that your readers can go through your contents. It will also make your post stronger and it is good for your ranking too. If you are writing about a topic you have written before then add link of that post to your new one to lead your readers towards that and make their work easy.

Be regular


Don’t create too much gap between your posts because it will lose readership. Keeping your blog functional gives an idea to your visitors as well as search engines that your blog is regular. Excessive gap between the posts can affect your ranking negatively. If you are in the starting phase then you should post on daily basis.

Make it SEO friendly


Make your blog SEO friendly by using content analysis tool, yoast SEO plugin. With the help of this you will be able to choose focus word, formulate meta description, check keywords and ensure other contributing factors essential for your blog.

An indicator is available to ensure you that all the necessary things are done to make your blog SEO friendly. When you do the things mentioned above, plugin will indicate you with a green signal. This signal can help you to understand that which direction you have to take your blog.