The latest fad of the present era is the social media. With the tremendous increase in usage of the internet and smart phones, the popularity of social media is increasing in leaps and bounds.

Sensing this current trend of the market, the majority of business houses have has acknowledged this platform as the most effective means to increase their client base across the globe and hence bring in more traffic.

One of the most effective marketing tools of social media is the social media analytics. It can be defined as a process of collection of data from the various social media sites and blogs. The information so obtained is then analyzed to understand the need of the market and hence formulate business strategies to enhance profit.

Social media analytics are also used to reduce the cost of customer services. Apart from that, it also helps to get the feedback for any product or services and hence play a key role in improving and creating the brand image in the market.

There are various free social media tools available in the market. Some of the popular tools are as follows:



This social media analytics tool helps to know about the brand performance socially. By means of this tool, one can explore the Twitter analytics to collect data about its followers. It also helps to improve the social graph of any brand. Apart from this, the tool is equipped with the attribute which enables to compare the social graph of any brand with its competitor thereby helps image in the market.



It is one of most popular social media analytics tools in the market. It allows the user to post bulk contents at a time and schedule them as per the target audience. Buffer tool will start posting the contents as per the time slot specified by the user. Thus the buffer tool reduces the workload of a user to a great extent.



Another important social media analytics tool is the Smell. It helps to display all the important online marketing and e-commerce data in one single chart. Observing all the relevant data in the same platform, one can take an effective business decision. Features like real time data monitoring, goal tracking etc. are displayed in the interactive chart.



This tool helps to analyze and keep a track of the online marketing strategies adopted by any brand. It helps to collect the data from all the social media platforms like the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and many more. By observing the data a person can easily learn about the status of any social media marketing strategy adopted by the brand. Quaintly also helps to compare the success rate of any two competitor brands and hence helps to formulate strategies to ensure more revenues.



This is one of the very simple social media analytics tools to monitor the influence and reputation of any brand in the social media platforms. This tool explores most of the popular social media platforms like the Google, Bing, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube, Flickr etc. to collect the data.

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