Are you interested in developing the next best blog on your subject?

If you want to use content marketing to improve your web presence and draw customers by getting to the top of a high-traffic keyword search engine results list, you need a blog.

A blog keeps your site updated (that way your website visitors know the business is still moving forward and has not been abandoned)

It also offers you a chance to reach out to inform them about new features, products, and services to potential customers.

Without you raising a finger and taking in new visitors, an excellent blog can also get shared and attract your target audience.

You need to write high-quality content, of course, for all this to function effectively. In your industry, you need to know what issues are trending and what topics your future customers want to learn more about.

So how do you know what themes for your customers are trending or important? You’re going to have to research a little bit.

Here are the 12 best resources that are trending and are subjects that your followers want to learn more about to discover blog post ideas. You’ll never sit around wondering what your next blog post would cover if you use even a few of these resources.

Google Trends 


Staying on the trend with your blog content is important. To learn about current affairs in your business, set up industry alerts on your phone or desktop and keep up with the news. You can do this with a Google Trends search.

For starters, you’ll see that you get these results when you type ‘Shopify development’ into Google Trends:

First of all, the keyword ‘Shopify development services‘ pops up. It’s important to write the content immediately before the subject gets old and cold when something is trending. So if you’re covering the features of Shopify, this might make a good subject sentence to write about or at least include in an essay.

Before you write to study the market, browse already existing papers. You should also find a different way of spinning your article to make it stand out compared to the other material. You won’t look special if you write the same thing as everyone else.

Answer the Public


Another keyword tool that can be used as a content idea generator is Answer the Public. This one is also free.

You start by entering your keyword and all the questions people commonly ask about that keyword will be found by the tool. All is arranged into a cool diagram.

Questions such as ‘link building company‘ and ‘link building services appear in the findings. If you’re in the link-building business, those will make for interesting blog post subjects to write about.

The public’s response also provides keyword choices such as prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and related options. By using this app, you can find a lot of trending blog topic ideas.

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For the most debated topics in your industry, BuzzSumo scans the web for you. You don’t have to guess what people want to learn about with Buzzsumo.

This tool can give you plenty of ideas and then organize them online by popularity. It also comes with several different search filters to help you narrow down your results by dates, information sources, and more.

To get an idea of what people are talking about, Buzzsumo scans a vast amount of articles and social media messages. They’ll also evaluate reactions to posts on social media. In general, they tell you what is trending, or you can pick your industry.

From industry to technology to wellbeing, this instrument follows everything. There is a charge for the service, but by entering your email address, you can try it for seven days free.

This online tool was developed as a generator of blog topics, but you can also use it to search for the best title choices for blog posts. Mix and match your subject from the top content to come up with the best title.



Quora is an online forum where random individuals can ask questions about a broad range of subjects. Questions concerning your business are sure to be there as well.

To see what questions people have asked about your subject, search the web for specific keywords. As it’s an immensely popular online forum, you can get a lot of trending content ideas from Quora.

Even if there is an answer to the question on Quora already, in a full blog post you might be able to answer the question in more detail.



Ubersuggest provides insight into the techniques that are successful for others in your sector so that you may adopt, adapt, and gain an advantage.
With the top SEO pages analysis, you can see which of your competitors’ pages are ranking for popular organic search phrases and which are popular with social media platforms like Facebook.

You can get keyword ideas as well as material ideas from Ubersuggest (similar to Buzzsumo). To help you identify hot topics to add to your mix of ideas, this tool is well worth consulting.

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Google related searches 


Maybe you think you’ve got the right keyword. Some individuals will, however, phrase the keyword slightly differently. You want to use the Google-related search function to get suggestions for additional keywords and subject topics to hit these individuals.

All that’s needed is Google. Check for a common keyword of yours. You’ll see some similar topics under the results of the search.

These keywords and questions should be included in your content. You may even come up with a brand new idea for a subject in some cases.

Keyword Tool (autocomplete) 


One thing to note is that you don’t even have to type your keyword entirely in order to get new ideas for keywords and blog topics using Google (or another search engine).

Start typing in the keyword and see when you type what Google suggests. Before they even finish typing, they like to guide people to what they want.

These suggestions are presented by Google based on what is trending and popular, so pay attention to the recommendations. Maybe you’ll see a particular keyword you didn’t think of before.

To understand what you need to know, you don’t always need a sophisticated marketing tool. Google will sometimes let you know straight from the search bar.


An important weapon nowadays is social media. Use your Twitter account to answer your followers with open-ended questions. To ask people what they want to hear about your industry, you can also use polling.

Pay attention to any hashtags that may also be trending. Stay involved and interact with other individuals in your industry to be one of the first to hear about hot trends, news, or interesting ideas for blog posts that people want to learn more about.



Another online marketing tool is SEMrush. You will examine over 16 billion keywords with this one. In your business, it can provide you with hot trends, but it does a lot more than that. It will also give you suggestions about how to boost your SEO.

This tool gives you popularity-organized associated keywords along with estimated search volume. It’s a very advanced paid keyword app and you can use it to find patterns and famous searches on your specific topic. Using these keywords to create ideas for a blog post.

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When you use Ahrefs, your rivals may not outrank you anymore. To help take you to the top of search engine results pages, they provide competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink research, content research, rank tracking, and site monitoring.

Ahrefs will allow you to figure out what keywords to use in your content and what trending topics are.

You’ll also be able to quickly and easily track your search engine rankings. This is another, but rather worthwhile, paying instrument.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator 

 Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

The Hubspot generator tool for ideas is totally free. You just navigate to the page of the tool and type a descriptive noun around your subject.

There are up to five nouns you can add. It’ll spit out 5 ideas from the blog post from there.

Enter your contact details to get 250 more ideas from this tool for blog posts that they will send to you via email.

Basically, this tool gives you some pretty good ideas and angles for topics for blog titles, but it does not study keywords or give you any top content details in your industry. However, it’s free and it’ll only take a few minutes of your time to generate a list of ideas for the topic.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator


This tool is free and very easy to use. Just type in the form field in your subject and Portent’s idea generator will send you a title for a blog post you can use to build your next piece of material.

You should press the refresh button and you’ll get another new idea for the blog title.

The titles are genuinely imaginative and will help you come up with some unique and fresh content. But Portent’s idea generator, like Hubspot’s method, does not do any analysis, it just comes up with interesting angles and title ideas for you.


You have complete control of what you post on your site, but it can lead to substantial benefits by linking your content to trends and specific angles that people are actually looking for.

Start with the generators mentioned here for the free blog topic and move on to the free version of the paid tools. To attract your target audience, see if you can come up with exciting ideas for new content.

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