There has been an update to Google Bard. With the help of Google’s PaLM language models, Bard can now provide more accurate answers to mathematical and logical questions.

There were a lot of discussions in the SEO companies community regarding this update.

Jack Krawczyk, the Google executive in charge of Bard and Google’s artificial intelligence efforts, recently tweeted, “Today I wanted to share that we’ve improved Bard’s capabilities in math and logic by incorporating some of the advances we’ve developed in PaLM.”

What changed? According to Krawczyk, Bard has improved in its ability to comprehend and respond to commands presented in the form of a multi-step word and multi-step math problems.

Future enhancements in mathematics. Bard will soon offer coding classes, Krawczyk said.

Google PaLM-

PaLM is an abbreviation for Pathways Language Model. It is a Google-developed language model with 540 billion parameters. Additionally, researchers trained smaller versions of PaLM (8 billion and 62 billion parameter models) to examine the effects of model size.

As a reminder, Google announced the arrival of Bard the day before Bing Chat debuted, but Bard did not become accessible to the general public until ten days ago. In comparison to Bing Chat and ChatGPT‘s efforts, the response Google received from Bard was somewhat underwhelming and disappointing. Even within Google, employees urged the organization to enhance Bard.

However, Google promises that more will come and that Bard will improve.

Google launched a lightweight version of Bard on purpose, and it will continue to improve over time, said Google CEO Sundar Pichai.