As we know the world is struggling with COVID-19. It is getting spread all around the globe. It has disturbed not only the financial status of leading companies but has also led to economic disruption worldwide.

During this pandemic situation, it is very important to plan for the future of your business. Some leading strategies can help people market their personal and business brands to minimize the impact of this pandemic.

Here are some helpful marketing and sales strategies for your business:

  • Examine Competitors’ activity on social media

Examine Competitors’ activity on social media

Having an eye on your competitors’ activity is quite useful to analyze the new situation and discover potential opportunities. It will help you notice potential threats and come up with novel strategies. Turn your focus to them and inspect what they are sharing during these hard times.

  • Find new leads and customers

Find new leads and customers

Take advantage of social media services, the forced isolation made them highly demanded. Marketing your brands on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. is really beneficial at this point to gain more visibility and popularity. This could be your chance to build a new network of prospective customers. Your new leads increased confidence in you as a business when most of your competition is going through a crisis.

  • Do not lose your existing customers

Do not lose your existing customersThis can be done through various different techniques. Use personalized emails or text messages to hold your existing customers. You can still deliver your service or products by posting creatives or brainstorming in different ways. For example, If you are a restaurant or cafes’ owner, you can offer to take away or home-delivery or offering free delivery, zero contact delivery, discounts, weekly or monthly subscription deals help you to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Connect with your audience online to market your product or service

Connect with your audience online to market your product or service

If you are introducing an altered service for the duration of the outbreak than first make sure that your product or service is relevant in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Make sure your target audience knows you are open and still going strong because many people will wonder whether certain businesses are still operational. This can be done through the right digital marketing tools. Many customers switching to online or remote solutions. You can directly communicate with your customers through the company’s app or website. So, it is extremely advisable that the company has their own customized website or app. Customers may have chosen you over automated solutions and your automated solutions might more be successful during this outbreak.

  • Plan timely content for your audience

Plan timely content for your audience

Being up-to-date is a trait that every business should have. Producing valuable content will help you to engage your audience. No doubt you already have had an audience before the coronavirus outbreak. Now your audience is self-isolating, your followers have more time to check your content more closely. Create timely content and share positivity that will help in the reader engagement.


During this crisis, our globe is going beyond our control. But it is important not to give up and keep your motivation up. Always try to find a more effective and efficient approach. Everything will be back to their path, continue to build your business and keep your customers happy.