Getting on the top in Google’s ranking is so tough these days especially when there are lot of people serving the same dish. It is important to implement such strategies that than make you different from the others and employing the useful tools to make it better than the rest.

Create evergreen content

Serve such content that are evergreen such as Wikipedia. By creating such content your site will be in a line always and continue to attract visitors. Besides, you have to be updated and try to hit the right chord to attract visitors.

Don’t forget the SEO

SEO matters a lot and structuring right thing to make an effective SEO is very important for your website. Inserting the keywords that really work and gives results has been a basic factor that why SEOs are so important. But without it doesn’t really imply the demise of SEO as a marketing practice.

Keep an eye on the competition

It is important to have a strong ground on your own but educating yourself about your competitors is not a bad idea at all. This will give you a clear vision what is already done such as how your domain name varies, titles, tags and the market needs which will open your door for new innovations.

Conceptualize the content 

Structure the strategy for your actual content and insert the beneficial keywords. Use those keywords in your posts, images, tags and meta description. But using the keywords should be in a specific limit, it should be not under or over used. Once you conceptualize the content and how long it would be and what elements will be inserted it will become easier to use keywords there.


Once your strategy is ready execute it. Search engines are looking for the quality content not for the useless pages full of spams and ads. Over-stuffing keywords in your content probably not going to earn you any organic followers but that is a different thing if you want to buy traffic instead of earning.

Optimize keyword

It is advised to optimize your posts while creating it instead of doing it later as it will ease your work. You don’t need to far away to do this such as using white text on white page for the keyword, it is against Google’s policy though. Changing your image file name can also contribute a lot for your ranking. Double-check your content for the alignment and other important factors before publishing it.

Publish and Promote

Once you are certain about your content it’s time to publish it. Choose the hours when you want to publish it and the next step is to promote it. The first thing comes in mind is social media, share your post of various social media handles and with help of digital marketing you can promote it further to reach huge masses. Use social media buttons or widgets on your site to make your visitors share and promote your content. Linking is another crucial factor that can keep the chain going and amplify the effect.