If you want to watch videos online, YouTube is still the best choice because 70% more people use it every day. Every day, more than two billion people go to YouTube. This means that a huge number of different users will see your videos, giving you a lot of chances to get new viewers and keep the ones you already have interested.

YouTube has actually helped a lot of people and businesses build their brands and stand out online. Some examples are BlendJet, whose YouTube strategy led to a 413 percent rise in sales, and Cider, whose conversion rate went up by 46 percent after using YouTube shorts for video action campaigns.

A strong YouTube presence is very helpful for brands and content creators who want to reach their business goals, whether they want to make more money through ads or boost sales on their eCommerce sites. To get to this point, though, you need to get as many people as possible to watch.

Your approach to promoting your YouTube channel might need to be changed if you have one but haven’t had much luck with it. You could get more views, more subscribers, and more chances to stand out if you use the right mix of strategies, which we’ll talk about below.

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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel: Top Tips And Tactics

Making your videos better for YouTube’s recommendation algorithm, as well as YouTube and Google search, is important if you want more people to watch them and maybe even subscribe to your channel. This has something to do with search engine optimization (SEO).

To help your videos do well in both Google and YouTube search results, here are some ways to do it and YouTube SEO tips:

Use Keyword Tools To Identify the Best Keywords for YouTube

Ahrefs and vidIQ Vision are two apps and websites that can help you find the best keywords for YouTube. Also, you might want to pick keywords like “tutorial” and “how to.” When people use YouTube, the best keywords show that they want to find videos.

For example, if someone types in “best link building services,” Google will probably show them web pages first. It’s more likely that videos will show up as the first link on search engine results pages (SERPs) when you search for “how to build SEO backlinks.”

Use Keywords As the File Names for Your Videos

These keywords need to be related to what the videos are about. Keywords in the names of your videos help Google and YouTube figure out what they’re about and make it more likely that they will show up in search results on Google and YouTube.

Let’s say you have a marketing channel on YouTube and you’re posting a video about how to make YouTube videos better. Instead of calling the video “17481991_mov,” rename it “How to optimize YouTube videos” followed by an extension like MOV, MP4, or WMV.

Include a Keyword in the Title

One of the easiest YouTube SEO tips to follow, but some creators skip this important step. Putting a keyword in the title tells people who see it and YouTube what the video is about.

It is best to use keyword phrases in a way that seems natural. Only put one keyword in each title. If you use more than one, it will look like you’re keyword stuffing. Make sure the keyword fits with the video, and it’s even better if the title matches what the people you want to watch it are looking for. Make sure the title is short, clear, and interesting.

Write an Optimized Description

Using keywords in your descriptions in a natural way will help your videos show up in the sidebar. Also, you should make the most of the first two lines of the 1,000-character description limit by putting call to action (CTAs), website links, and other important information there first.

Use Tags Wisely

As one of our best YouTube SEO tips, adding tags to your videos is very easy to do and works very well. YouTube suggests that you tag videos so that it can figure out what they’re about and connect them to other videos.

Say you have a YouTube channel for marketing and your video is about how to improve YouTube videos. You can use tags like “how to improve YouTube videos,” “how to get more YouTube views,” or, to make it more current, “how to improve YouTube videos 2023.”

This increases your reach, which makes it more likely that people will find your videos. But don’t use tags that have nothing to do with your videos just to get more views; YouTube could punish you if you do.

You can get ideas for your YouTube tagging strategy from social listening tools and even YouTube tag generators.

Use Custom Thumbnails

People can see what your video is about in thumbnails as they look through their feeds or recommendations. Interesting thumbnails can make your videos stand out and get people to click and watch. More than that, Google says that 90% of the most popular videos on YouTube all have custom thumbnails.

To help you make thumbnails, think about the people you want to reach, what they like, and how they act. For example, a picture of a shocked face is more likely to appeal to casual viewers who are looking for something fun to look at.

Mix YouTube Trends With Evergreen Content

Any expert in social media marketing will tell you that the best way to market your YouTube videos is to use a mix of popular videos and videos that will always be popular.

Videos that are popular on YouTube tend to get a lot of views at first, but those views will slowly go down as the trends fade. Once again, evergreen content may only get a few views at first, but that number will likely go up as the days go by. It goes without saying that this is true if your evergreen content is good and useful.

A social media marketing pro can help you figure out the best topics and the right mix of content that is always relevant and in style. You can find out about the newest trends and get ideas for new videos with tools like the YouTube Trending dashboard. A social media marketing expert, on the other hand, can help you figure out which trends are important to your brand and whether making a video about these trends will help your overall video marketing plan.

Deliver Value

This is the last of our YouTube SEO tips. Value is the most important thing for people to think about when deciding whether to watch or skip a video. High-quality, entertaining content not only keeps people watching longer, but it also keeps them interested. Plus, they help your video show up higher in YouTube search results.

If you want to make a video, don’t just think about how to get more views or grow your YouTube channel. Instead, think about what your viewers will get out of it. Does your video answer a question or help them with a challenge? Is it fun to watch? Does it make their lives better?

It’s also very important to make sure that your videos follow the rules set by the YouTube community. There are rules about what you can and can’t do on YouTube. They are called community guidelines.

These cover things like misleading practices, private information, regulated goods, false information, and harmful content. Make sure your content and script follow YouTube’s community guidelines before you start making your marketing videos. If they don’t, your channel will get a strike and your videos may be taken down.

How To Gain Subscribers

Users can get a lot of benefits from subscribing to a YouTube marketing channel. You can get more of the content you like as a subscriber, be notified whenever the channel posts new content, and find other users who like the same things you do.

Having a lot of subscribers is also good for brands and people who make content. For example, people who subscribe to a YouTube channel are more likely to interact with its videos than people who just watch them occasionally. As a subscriber, they have already shown that they are interested in the brand or creator.

High engagement and view counts may also make it more likely that YouTube’s algorithm will recommend your videos, which will help you promote your channel more.

Here are some more benefits of having a strong base of subscribers:

Increased Visibility

As was already said, subscribers get alerts when a YouTube channel they’ve followed posts new videos. That means that your videos are more likely to be watched if you have more subscribers.

Brand Authority and Credibility

For users, a business or content creator with a lot of subscribers may be a good choice. Make videos that add value to the content to boost this sense of credibility and authority even more.

Additional Income Source

After getting 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 watch hours, YouTube lets content creators make money from their videos. Using the YouTube Partners Program to make money is possible.

So you know how important it is to get more people to subscribe to your YouTube channel:

Ask Viewers To Subscribe

Sure, it seems like a simple thing to ask, but you’d be surprised at how many brands and content creators don’t do it because they think it sounds too pushy.

Before you ask people to subscribe, give them something of value. This way, you won’t seem too pushy. A simple and effective way to get more people to watch your other videos on YouTube is to add a short reminder at the end of a video.

Interact With Your Viewers

A simple way to start growing your YouTube community and getting people to subscribe is to respond to or even just like their comments. You can also start a conversation in the comments to get even more people to interact.

Of course, it’s important to stay true to your brand voice when you answer comments. Also, don’t respond badly to complaints or criticism. It’s important that people continue to think positively about your brand.

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