Google’s Jack Krawczyk, who is in charge of Google Bard, said on Friday that math and logic improvements had just been made. It added Google’s PaLM language model to Bard, which helped it make these improvements.

“Now Bard can understand and answer your questions about word and math problems with more than one step. Soon, he will also be able to code. “This change makes Bard even better for people who use it,” Jack Krawczyk added.

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, said that these changes were on the way.

Sundar wasn’t surprised that Google didn’t get a great response to Bard’s release because they used a toned-down version of the LaMDA model. He was surprised, though, by how popular ChatGPT became. He said, “I think the response from users was a pleasant surprise for a lot of us and maybe even for them.” He compared it to putting a Honda Civic up against a fast race car.

Sundar also didn’t say that Bard won’t be able to replace Search. He said that things will change, but he didn’t say that it won’t, even though Jack had already said that.

As far as concerns about publishers and the ecosystem go. “I think we’ll be committed to getting the publisher ecosystem right,” Sundar Pichai said. Bard will change, so “you’ll see us change carefully there, too,” he said.