The key driving force behind companies shifting their conventional marketing strategy is the restrictions that surround marijuana marketing, such as legal CBD goods. The good news is that the recent expansion of marijuana legalization for both medicinal and recreational purposes has the potential to generate enormous growth and benefit.

The global size of the legal marijuana industry is projected to hit $66.3 billion by the end of 2025, according to Grand View Analysis. The legal marijuana industry in the United States reached $11.9 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand at a 24.1 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2019 and 2025.

Simultaneously, numerous state regulations and stringent advertisement limits on digital and print media are severely restricting exposure and adversely impacting companies. Without a doubt, the marijuana marketing industry necessitates innovative marketing strategies.

This is how you can increase revenue, enhance the reputation of your brand, and raise awareness about your marijuana products.

Collaborate with Marijuana-Friendly Ad Networks


With the legalization of marijuana, a slew of marijuana-friendly ad outlets has sprung up. With such dedicated advertisement channels, you can expand your traffic as both a publisher and an advertiser.

Are you having trouble promoting your marijuana products on social media? You should look at cannabis ad networks. On different 420 blogs, these industry-specific cannabis advertisement outlets feature advertisements on recreational dispensaries or medical marijuana.

Let’s take a look at some of the cannabis ad networks that accept and post advertisements.

MANTIS Ads: MANTIS Ads, as one of the leading ad networks for legal marijuana and cannabis goods, makes it simple to reach the right people with your post. It can also help you improve your local exposure with successful geo-targeted campaigns.

ALT ADN: It’s a digital cannabis advertisement network and marketplace that offers all sorts of medical marijuana and cannabis products. All you have to do now is apply your ads and select your budget and audience.

Traffic Roots: Traffic Roots is a rapidly expanding legal cannabis ad network that collaborates with publishers to help you get your ad published on a variety of related websites.

RevOffers: RevOffers links you with like-minded collaborators, publishers, and influencers who can help you increase the popularity of your brand and drive traffic. It is one of the best online marijuana marketplaces for medicinal, recreational, and legal marijuana.

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Create a Website and an Online Store


According to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, from 2005 to 2017 (partial), internet searches for marijuana increased by 98 percent, with millions of Americans searching for it.

The North American eCommerce industry has welcomed the online sale of marijuana and related goods after Canada legalized it. It’s a huge step forward in marijuana marketing. Even Shopify allows approved Canadian retailers to sell cannabis in-store and online.

Restrictions on delivery carriers can make doing business in the United States difficult. However, you can begin selling online if you have legal permission and a license.

Focus on Keywords and SEO Optimization


You must find high-converting keywords and optimize your content to increase traffic and sales if you want to sell something online.

Long-tail keywords, according to our study, will help you improve your search results rankings. To increase organic search traffic, you can optimiZe your website pages, blog posts, and other online content for specific long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords account for 70 percent of all internet searches. Long-tail keywords will significantly improve your conversion rate with an all-time high organic reach when used in conjunction with high-quality material.

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Write Guest Posts


Guest posting may be one of the most effective marijuana marketing strategies for gaining instant exposure to your target market. This will assist you in increasing brand recognition, confidence, and sales.

Look for well-known websites and magazines that allow you to contribute articles about marijuana items. Guest posting on well-known niche websites will help you build a stronger backlink profile, enhance search rankings, increase traffic and leads, and increase your ROI.

You should look for reputable sites that allow guest posting on marijuana and related items on the internet. Often read the site’s contributor guidelines and criteria before contacting them about guest posting.

Here are a few places that welcome guest posts on marijuana-related topics:

  • Marijuana Mommy
  • Marijuana Marketing Xperts
  • High Times

For your company, you should establish an effective guest posting strategy. Then you should concentrate on writing insightful posts that provide evidence of marijuana’s benefits. To verify the facts, you can use research studies and statistics.

You can boost your marijuana marketing game by publishing well-researched content on popular websites.

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Leverage Influencers


There’s no doubt that influencer marketing will help you increase the popularity of your brand quickly. However, in order to increase your return on investment, you must find and collaborate with the right influencers for your marijuana marketing campaigns.

Finding an effective cannabis influencer who can help you reach a wider and more targeted audience is the most challenging aspect. To maximize revenue and ensure long-term profits, you can partner with them on affiliate marijuana marketing.

Focus on Educating Readers


Educating readers and viewers are more effective than selling, as we discussed in our previous article on cannabis marketing.

Few people are aware of marijuana’s advantages. Take the initiative to raise awareness.

You can prepare and create a marijuana-related educational content calendar. Ideas for blog posts, social media material, and visual content should all be included.

Some of the topics you can explore include:

  • Growing marijuana
  • Different strains of marijuana
  • Benefits of marijuana
  • What to look for when buying marijuana
  • Different types of marijuana products

Educational content will help people see you as genuine and trustworthy. It can aid in the development of confidence and an active audience for your business.

Get Creative with Instagram and Pinterest Accounts


Since conventional social media marketing isn’t very effective in the weed industry, you can get creative with Instagram and Pinterest marketing.

I highly advise you to carefully prepare your visual content. Create and share eye-catching photos, infographics, gifographics, and videos with relevant hashtags. Graphics with minimal text go very well with insightful write-ups.

Consider including photos of marijuana-themed t-shirts, cups, mugs, caps, and backpacks in your post. Using such product images on Instagram and Pinterest to drive traffic to your website will help.

On the other hand, you should avoid selling marijuana items directly on Instagram and Pinterest. Direct ties to marijuana eCommerce sites, webshops, or product sale pages are not accepted by the platforms.

Links to your blog posts and other educational material may be included. You can also have a disclaimer stating that you are not trying to sell something and that only people of legal age are permitted to visit your website.

Target Local Market


Local markets may provide instant exposure for your brand at a lower cost.

Although it is critical to design a website to drive traffic and sales, it is also critical to seize the local market in marijuana-legalized states.

Here are some local marijuana marketing ideas:

  • Obtain the services of a low-cost advertiser. Local media can give you affordable rates and help you attract potential customers, unlike high-value printing and online marketers.
  • Contact non-mainstream media outlets that aren’t picky with the advertising they run.
  • Billboard advertising may appear to be costly and out-of-date, but it can help you reach a targeted audience. However, you should be cautious about where you put your advertisement and the meaning it conveys.
  • Make sure you’re classified as a local business on Google. People looking for marijuana items in their area can quickly find your store in the search results.

Use Radio Advertisements


Another option for marijuana marketing is radio advertising. Various broadcasting outlets now embrace marijuana commercials.

You can choose a radio station based on the demographics of its listeners. You’ll be able to run more tailored campaigns as a result of this. It’s been said that customers need to hear marijuana commercials three times to get the full effect.

However, depending on the state laws and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), advertising on radio stations can be difficult. You may use satellite radio advertising in that scenario.

The greatest thing about satellite radio is that it is not subject to FCC oversight because it is not a broadcasting medium. Advertising on satellite radio is, therefore, less costly.

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Event Marketing


Marijuana event marketing can appear to be a lot of work, but it is a lot of fun. You can interact with brands, vendors, cannabis entrepreneurs, and, of course, buyers through event marketing.

If you’re thinking about investing in event marketing, don’t limit yourself to booths. You can also go out and meet enthusiasts, converse with them, and try to form relationships with them. Most importantly, you should use social media to spread the word about your case.

Marijuana marketing isn’t as challenging as it seems. And, with a dash of imagination, you can take your marketing campaigns to the next level in order to expand your company.

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