SEO Audit Services

An SEO audit ensures your site is receiving the full benefit of your link building strategy, and it also helps identify any potential issues your site may have in the search engines. And we’re proud to say that we put out some of the best technical SEO audits in the industry.

Our SEO audit services are aimed at finding out the grey areas in your current website and fixing them for better SEO rankings. We provide a highly-individualized SEO strategy based on detailed analysis of your website’s strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to search engine optimization.

In addition to using powerful tools and comprehensive data analysis, a seasoned SEO project manager – with help from a team of specialists – performs dozens of manual analysis. The SEO Roadmap, our standard SEO Audit deliverable, is an extensive yet accessible multi-page report diagnosing your site’s potential issues with step-by-step instructions to remedy any problems.

Afterwards, we review the final deliverable over the phone with you and answer any questions you may have about our recommendations. Most clients enjoy a significant increase in traffic and conversions after implementing our recommendations.

Within four months we started ranking on the first page of Google for all of our major keywords. All thanks to Atul and his expert link building team.

Ed Rodd

We hired a dedicated link building resource for three months initially from 1Solutions. He did excellent work on my website and happily I extended their contract further. Its been 9 months they are working on my site and I am regular business queries.

Sanjay Bansal

Our SEO Audit Services Covers

Off-Site SEO Analysis

Want to start your own wordpress blog or website. Our expert team of wordpress developers can quickly do the wordpress installation and configuration of your website on your live server.

On-Site SEO Analysis

Our wordpress websites are fully responsive as we all love device friendly websites. If your wordpress website is not responsive, we can make it fully responsive in no time.

Organic Keyword Rankings

Have a custom PSD design and want to convert it into wordpress. Our PSD to wordpress conversion services ensure that your design is integrated with wordpress content management system without losing even a single design pixel.

Google Local Score

WordPress comes packed full of features for every user, with thousands of plugins for every feature in a separate plug-ins directory. We can customize wordpress plugin as per your requirements to your Website. We will also assist you to put your plugin on web to help you earn revenues.

Local Directories Analysis

If you are interested in a custom design wordpress website, we can be of great help. Our wordpress development team has the right skills, expertise and experience to design and develop any kind of custom wordpress based site for you.

Full Website Audit

Our wordpress development team is also proficient in theme development. There’s a theme directory with thousands of themes available from where you can choose your theme to create a beautiful website by uploading your theme with the click of a button in just few seconds.

Link Audit

Owing to its popularity, wordpress is often vulnerable to attacks. So it you are running a wordpress website, you need to ensure that website is in good health and virus free. We ensure that your website is free from any malicious attacks and hack proof. We can make your website more secure and less prone to hackers.

Website Speed Audit

We offer wordpress maintenance and support services on an hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. If you have any requirement for maintaining your wordpress website please feel free to contact us.

Why Choose Our SEO Audit Services?


Our expertise SEO team looks at your Website, business and marketplace to achieve business goals.


Each SEO Audit is personally attended to and custom and created by experienced SEO Expert.

Proven Results

We deal with complete transparency while providing through accuracy to your SEO campaign.

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