Email marketing is not dead, it is still one of the best ways to reach out to your prospective and existing customers without spending much from your pocket.

1. Make it Easy to Register/Subscribe: Make it easy for the people to register for your list and collect basic information [Name and email] once it is entered in the registration box, they should be on your list.

2. Inform What to Expect:Why would one give you their email address, how would it benefit? Make it clear to them what to expect clearly in the registration box. Are they going to get coupons, discounts or information on weekly deals, newsletters etc.!

3. Customize your Mail:Spend some time and customize the mail before sending it out to people. At each stage inform the people about what is happening in the mail.

4. Make it Scan-able: The best practice is to keep the mail shortly give titles, break them into paragraphs or points, images and make it simple to read.

5. Send them the Information they Want: Subscribers need relevant messages that fit their interests and needs. Segmentation as per activity, location, time, etc. allows you to send mail only to a certain group and not to all in the list.

6. Most Emails are read on Mobile: First is that any mail sent need to be mobile friendly, second it needs to be tested on all mobiles.

7. Monitor and take Corrective Measures: Until you get the desired result you have to monitor the result and take corrective measures.

8. Do not Underestimate your Competitors: Keep a tab on your competitor not to copy them but to know the methods they use and to make sure you are ahead of them.

9. Make it easy to Unsubscribe: It’s always good to have you in the inbox rather keeping you in spam list.

10. Know the Spam Rules: Many send spam mails CAN-SPAM ACT needs to be read.

11. Best Time of Day to Reach Out: It’s good to segment the send times so that each area gets the mail at their time zone.

12. Regularly Update and Clear your Email List: There can be many subscribers who are inactive.

13. Mail should be shareable:Make it easy for the subscribers to share the mail to other social sites.

14. Create a Plan for your Email Marketing Campaigns: Make a plan like in another few months what type of content you will need to send to your subscribers and when to send.

15. Email Verification:It’s good to take an extra step verify, rather than having many inactive email accounts.