The online marketplace has grown at a rapid rate in the past few years. It has enabled the introduction of several websites on the Google search page. Google over the years had brought several changes and modifications in its algorithm but SEO has always been the constant one. A website properly implemented with SEO is bound to be available on the first page and the others wouldn’t even get noticed. 

Websites having SEO tend to function smoothly without any disruptions. This will also enable the website to have better rankings and it is for this reason that the website should be hosted on a better server. It is necessary to note that most of the website do not have proper SEO which is why they get lost. Although you may consider it easy, improving SEO to get better search engine ranking isn’t any cakewalk.

Impact of cloud hosting

Since it is not easy to improve SEO ranking, you can eventually do so by using a cloud based hosting solution. Most of the website owners are preferring cloud-based options over others to increase their chances of organic ranking.

Cloud Hosting has had a positive impact on SEO. Some of the prominent impacts of cloud hosting on SEO include the following

  • Page Loading speed
    If your website doesn’t load properly or takes too long, it is going to have an impact on your SEO ranking. Any website that loads faster is a better one for the business. Cloud Hosting is known to enhance the page load speed by improving user-friendliness. This will further make
    your website visible to different online resources. You can try out other methods but implementing cloud services to your website can be one of the best methods to enhance SEO ranking.
  • Server Downtime
    The server downtime can have a huge impact on your business. If your website is prone to server downtime frequently, it suggests that the website does not have proper hosting. Apart from harming SERP and SEO, downtime will eventually affect overall performance as well.
    Frequent server downtime will notify the search engine that your website isn’t a reliable one thereby increasing the bounce rate and harming website authority.
  • Mobile-friendliness
    With the coming in of time, people are shifting from desktops to mobile devices for using the internet. Therefore, as a website owner, you should ensure that the website gives equal value to desktop and mobile. Cloud-hosted has a lot of analytics benefits for data collection through mobile websites. This, therefore, has a positive impact on SEO. Therefore, more preference should be given to cloud hosting rather than physical hosting.
  • Protection from bots
    Bots have always been a threat to the websites. However, using a cloud hosting service will
    ensure that your website is protected from bots. The bots will eventually put your website
    security at risk. Nonetheless, not a lot of people know about these bots and if it is not taken
    care of properly, it will hurt the website. Bots often duplicate the contents which can be
    harmful to your website. 

Clouding hosting services have a positive impact on SEO. You should get a reliable service provider who can provide your website with high maintenance for your website.

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