Have you been trying harder and harder to build up traffic on your website but to no avail? You have tried all the tips and tricks that are generally associated with making one’s content SEO friendly but simply have been unable to get the required results? Look at the problem as if from a distance and you will realise that when one wants different results one needs to change their methods too. Instead of blindly trying to bring traffic from all over the web one needs to identify who they are targeting and how they need to be targeted.

Nowadays search results are not just dependent on the keyword density but are being made to suit consumers and take into account a lot many other things like the location of the user, their search history and so on and so forth. Many of the old SEO techniques are pretty useless today. Here are the top 5 old techniques which you should be definitely avoiding:

1. Using totally unrelated keywords just because they are highly searched


like using an actor/actresses name in the website simply to boost viewers. Increased traffic should not be the only priority. Increased traffic should lead to increase in customers. This will not be happening if such superficial methods are used. A person searching for Tom Cruise wants information on him and not just a flimsy reference to the actor in the content which has been obviously made to artificially supplement the websites traffic.

Using highly searched words in one’s content was an easy way to garner traffic earlier. But with the release of Panda – a search filter by Google – it is of no use now and only harms one’s website rankings.

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2. Believing that having more backlinks spread all over the internet will give rise to more traffic


is like placing a curtain on your eyes with your own hands. With much more effective techniques like having a responsive and attractive social networking pages, hours spent upon trying to convince other webmasters to have your links on their site is unlikely to do you any good.

Having backlinks is good but website owners need to find a balance in how much time and effort is being spent in it and would it be worthwhile to do some other and more effective techniques. Obviously having a link that leads to your website on a page which has a good rep with Google is useful, but mindlessly going around trying to increase the number of backlinks is not recommended in this fast moving age where efficiency matters along with the hard work being put.

3. Earlier nobody used to pay attention to what it is on their site.


It was not uncommon for users to search for something on Google and land up with a page filled with spammy content. But Google is learning and SEO is not about creating content for search engines alone.

Any featured content on Google will tell you how they are trying to better organic results i.e. results that are beneficial for the customer. So the first step in SEO these days is having quality content without which there is no point in optimising your page to rank higher on searches. Focussing too much on methods that improve page ranking alone is a good way to sound the death knell for your website. Websites need to be more focused on their return on investment and how they will provide value to the customer along with keeping the content SEO friendly.

4. Not focussing on loading speeds while trying to make the websites interactive. 


This is essential as mobile devices and mobile searches are gaining traction at a tremendous pace. And all the animations might not work on someone’s mobile phone or more likely slow downloading speeds which should be taken seriously as a huge number of people press the ‘back’ button if a website does not load within 3 seconds.

A growing and upcoming opportunity should never be overlooked particularly when it has as much potential as mobile searches do.

5. Having different pages using a slightly different version of the keyword.


For example, someone building web content for fitness equipment needs not to build three different pages like fitness equipment for fitness freaks, buy fitness equipment online, and how to choose fitness equipment.

Instead condensing the information into a single page creates higher chances of ranking well on searches than artificially trying to increase the number of pages.

Google has been updating itself with many upgrades like Hummingbird, Panda, RankBrain etc. to improve its search results. If Google is evolving, so should you.

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