Social media is a wide platform and without social media, no business or any brand even a blog, no one can survive. Millions of users and audiences are using social media for various reasons every day. Every company needs a social media presence that introduces its brand name in the market. 

In this article, we will discuss Publer and how it is useful for organizations and even the solo-entrepreneur to handle their social media account in just a few clicks. Especially for startups, Publer is the best option to manage social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blog posts. For the newbies in the market, it is quite difficult to handle posting and blogging and it is not possible to hire an expert team to manage and analyze social media. 

There are other social media management tools like Hootsuite and Buffer, but these tools somehow miss the features Publer provides. Publer is fully featured online software for handling your social media accounts. Publer works as a superhero of social media that can accomplish all your social engagement tasks very easily including setting up the best time for social media posting for different platforms.

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Facts about Publer

Publer social media management tool helps individuals and organizations to manage their social media accounts and keep their audience engaged. Publer automatically manages Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram business pages, and Linked profiles. Also, this tool is very useful to handle a company’s presence over Google My Business and YouTube channels.

Publer is used to schedule automatic posting on Instagram and all the blog pages. Users can schedule single or multiple pictures and videos including tag locations, or comments, all these things can be managed by Publer. Organizations can use this social media management tool from CSV file to a multi-media bulk uploader, Publer is a platform that provides all the features to post content over social media. 

The amazing fact about this tool is that users can create multiple teams and even invite other members and assign them different roles and access levels which help to manage their social media accounts. Also, organizations can see their media reach and audience engagement on their posts. Publer provides each and every fine detail about your social media accounts across the network from a single place.

This Social media management software grants users control over their social media platforms from approving all subscribers, scheduling posts, and on-time responding. Publer removes the pain of posting posts across multiple social media accounts at specific times. 

The other remarkable feature Publer offers is a free account to manage at least 5 social media accounts with a minimum of 10 scheduled posts per account. For every organization, specifically the startups with a limited budget, this tool is a great incentive to sign up and try out its awesome features and after trial upgrade the paid plans. 

When you first login into a Publer account, you can greet with a clean and uncluttered user interface(UI). The most interesting thing is that all the tabs are placed in one place so you can see them on one screen, which is quite useful plus easy to manage the tool. You can easily navigate to all the post creation pages, post scheduling, and other pages, you can navigate with a single click. 

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  • If you want to add a Facebook account or Instagram account, you can either click on the add account button on the home page or follow these steps: 
    • Step 1. Go to accounts
    • Step 2. Select Facebook/ Instagram account
    • Step 3. Click on add accounts
    • Step 4. Select any of the social media accounts. 

Publer is integrating social media accounts in such a manner that it takes a few seconds to upload. You can later easily add your YouTube channels as well and upload videos without visiting YouTude. 

You get customized individual accounts settings, this is the ability to manage the posting settings of every account according to your company needs. With this customized account settings feature you can manage settings tabs like posting schedule, watermarks, signatures, URL settings, and shortcodes. Publer is a time-saving social media management tool. 

  • Posting schedule: The main advantage of Publer is that it helps to schedule the posting time and date according to your requirement in two different ways. 
    • First is, you can create a time slot manually for each day in a week. Like, you can create time slots by post types like a status update, link, photos upload, GIF, and a video. 
    • The second method is, you can create a posting schedule by using the autofill option. This autofill tab is useful to save time. You just have to select the time range in which you want to post your blogs. 
  • Watermarks: With this feature, you can add up to 10 different watermarks for each account. You don’t need any editing software to add watermarks with Publer, you can easily do this. These watermarks are applied to your images when they are posted on your social media accounts. 
  • Signatures: This feature allows you to dig signatures on your emails. Publer adds the signatures of your brand on the post in the last. You can add up to 10 signatures per social media account and you can also include hashtags in your signature by using this social media management tool. 
  • URL Settings: Publer gives you the ability to choose from 7 different URL shorteners per social media account. You can shorten your links based on the social media platform where you post. In Google Analytics, you can also set 5 different URL tracking parameters, which is very useful for monitoring your social media campaigns. 
  • Shortcodes: This is a time-saving tool, which allows you to insert your frequently used hashtags, website URLs, and addresses in your social media account. There are 30 different shortcodes for each account you can use in Publer. 

Publer is a web-based social media scheduling tool that helps to auto-schedule and analyzes your posts on all the major social media platforms which is a time-saving and stress-free method of posting. In simple words, Publer is a virtual hero that allows you to collaborate, schedule, and analyze your posts for Facebook, Instagram, Google my business, and other social media platforms. Whether you are looking for your Facebook page management or want to target multiple social media platforms at one go, Publer makes it happen for you.

The main feature of this Publer is, it is a powerful and detailed analytics tool that helps the users to evaluate and gauge the reach and engagement of their posts across social media networks. Publer provides fast updates and new features once or twice a month which is awesome for the users to get new updates. 

How to create posts and schedule?

There are many different tools to manage your social media accounts but Publer is the best alternative with multiple advantages to working with. Publer is a comprehensive social media management tool with an easy to use interface that allows a user to do easy scheduling, 

Publer is an easy-to-use social media scheduling tool that provides you with multiple scheduling options, advanced features, and in-depth analytics. 

Publer have 3 ways to create posts

  • Composing posts in the editor
  • Upload a CSV file
  • Create posts from the feed

Publer Software - 2022 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

Composing posts in the editor

With publer, composing a post is the easiest task even for Twitter, it is the best tool because it warns you about text limits and truncated content. So, you can then adjust your writing for individual networks accordingly.

Before posting, publer allows the users to insert GIFs and emojis from the inbuilt library or even add any media like videos and images from external sources. This social media management tool allows you to add videos up to 1GB. Also, you can preview your post to check how it displays on mobile as well as desktop. This tool provides you with accurate previews.

There are multiple post compositions there in the dashboard. 

  • Useful Hashtags: 

This is known as the life of social media posts. The hashtags are probably used to get the targeted audience. Also, these hashtags are used to help you appear in trending results. 

With publer, you can add hashtags to your posts in multiple varieties. You can create your hashtags manually or use a shortcode to insert saved hashtags for some individual social media accounts. 

Publer has a built-in hashtags suggestion tool, you can select according to your posts. In publer, the hashtags are grouped into 3 attributes: Great, Good, and Poor, which depend on their popularity. And this feature is very useful for every post. 

  • Post customization for each social media platform:

In publer, you are easily able to customize your posts for every networking site. This software automates the schedule posting which helps the user to focus on different things in their business. 

Social media management software grants users control over their social media platforms from approving all subscribers, scheduling posts, and on-time responding. 

  • Multiple Media Options:

This social media management tool offers extensive customized media features. This option is on the dashboard, you just have to click the ‘media options’ button, and a pop-up appears. 

You can add watermarks to images and additional you can post images to chosen albums on social media platforms. The best part with Pinterest is that you can easily select the board with which the pin should be added. 

  • Share content automatically:

You can automatically schedule your posts. Publer can automatically add your logo on every image and video you want to share on social media with your signature. It provides an effortless way to spread your brand awareness. 

Publer is a user-friendly social media software tool and offers the perfect solution for your posting and analyzing problems. This auto-share feature accomplishes every post. Also, you can compose one message and re-share it on different platforms. 

Publer is a fully-featured tool, you can even add time to posting your blogs or messages. So, you can add some content with trendy hashtags to increase its reach. 

  • Add your brand signature 

In publer, there is a pencil icon, where you can add a signature on your post for each platform. You can create your signature for every different account which shows your brand name in your posts.

  • Follow-up comment:

The best feature this social media tool provides you is, you can follow up on all your comments and get the conversation going on the social posts. This helps to increase your reach. You can add the outbound link to the comment also, within the post. It also helps to build a proper relationship with your audience. 

Upload CSV

Publer is such a superhero of your posts. It allows users to upload CSV files that contain the post messages, title, scheduled dates, some URLs, images, and videos links. This feature in publer is very useful for scheduling bulk messages. 

After uploading a CSV file, you don’t need to have a separate column for hashtags, but you add hashtags to your messages under the message column in the CSV file. Also, there is no option to create and schedule messages for different networks using a single CSV file. You can also use this feature in your future posts. 

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Post from RSS

Creating posts from your blog’s RSS feed is an excellent way to drive traffic to your blog. With this feature, you can choose to import all the posts or import up to 5-50 posts. Publer is an easy task-making software tool that manages all your social media accounts as everything is unified in a single location. Apart from this, scheduling and automating tons of posts. 

Schedule posts in Publer

Publer is the social media management tool that posts scheduling. There are four scheduled posts. 

  • Scheduling posts manually: 

Manually scheduling the collaborations and analyzing the post for all the social media platforms is quite difficult. Even if you do it manually it takes a lot of time to manage and post the blogs and informative material. To make everything easy for you here is the Publer. The most reliable and trustworthy, it is also a user-friendly tool for your brand awareness. 

  • AutoSchedule posts: 

Publer offers many features and one of them is Auto-Scheduling your posts. All you need to set up the posting schedule for individual accounts on the settings page on account settings. After scheduling the posts, the publer will automatically post them according to the time and dates or the selecting slot. 

  • Recycle your post: 

This feature allows you to recycle your posts. Publer is super helpful to post your message multiple times on different social media platforms except for Twitter because Twitter does not allow recycled tweets using API. 

  • Recurring posts: 

This is the final feature of scheduling Publer, that recurring post. The recurring posts feature is similar to recycling but in different ways. This feature is very useful if you want to target your audience or use it for promoting your websites. 

Publer also is the best option for scheduling posts because it sends an email alert once any scheduled post fails to publish for some reason or any scheduled queue is empty. As above, the post creation and scheduling process are explained in detail which tells that the publer is quite powerful and has complete control over your social media task. 

The ingredient of the publer is the posting page. This page lists all the following types of posts like all the scheduled posts, posted one, posts that are failed, saves in the draft, recycled posts, and recurring. 

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Social Media Analytics In Publer

Publer is primarily a social media management tool. It carries Analytics and engagement features. You can see all the followers and likes across all the networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc 

There are six categories on the analytic page:

  • Followers
  • Post reach
  • Audience engagement
  • Link clicks
  • Video views
  • About posts

Also, the publer gives a proper graphical display of your post reach according to different social media accounts and responses. Publer is a most versatile social media management tool that effectively manages all your social media accounts on every platform. From a central dashboard to multiply your social media reach without taking too much time. In this application, you just need to schedule your post and blogs and rest on Publer. 

The feature of Publer and all the threads that also compare it with popular social media management platforms like Hootsuite and Buffer. Publer is a social media superhero that can accomplish all your social engagement tasks easily and help you gain more social media followers.